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Where are we now?

Bali, Indonesia

Country #22

We are currently exploring creativity in Bali and having fun doing so. The culture in Bali is vibrant with inspiration and it's a good place to start our creative adventure.

We have a few vlogs in the making. To see our latest vlog head to our Youtube channel @Photozigner

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About Us

You made it to our little corner of the world where curiosity in culture and creativity come to a point.

We believe that creativity should be nurtured as a valid educational truth and is a tool that can be used to improve our world by raising cultural awareness and understanding.

Together, we are creatives and explorers alike. We explore the world, culture and its creative outputs of all shapes and sizes, nothing is out of our jurisdiction because creativity, the act of creating is a social expression, we believe, should be utilised for good.

Here we want to open a world of creative thinking and share our discoveries with you.

Follow our journey on our
Youtube channel @photozigner

Patrizia Acco

Photographer and Videographer

Patrizia specialises in digital imagery and visual storytelling, her two loves.

With her enhanced film and video editing skills Patrizia records our journey for the Photozigner audience. Patrizia is constantly building on her current skills in video editing across all aspects of film.

Patrizia is obsessed with telling the story of the natural world and spends her days experimenting further into the technicalities of the still and moving image.

Creativity isn’t always about being realistic, it’s also about transporting the viewer into another world and allow them to see what is possible.

See Patrizia's photography at

Melinda Elaine

Web and Digital Marketing Designer

Melinda is a passionate web designer, front-end developer and a creator of digital content. She lives for this stuff.

Melinda has been in the creative industry for several years and has a working understanding of the balance between creativity and functionality. Design is about the need to solve a problem, to create a well functioning product that is both appealing and easy to use. This were my user experience skills come in handy.

Travel, culture and creativity make up a major part of Melinda's life as this is what inspires her and fuels her creative influence. Seeing creativity being used in the everyday world, especially when it's used for good, is when Melinda feels truely happy.

We Work Together

The Photozigner Journey allows us to bring together our three favourite subjects, travel and culture and creativity. Our goal is to explore and be inspired by creativity as we travel and share these experiences with you in the hopes that it will inspire change for good.

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